Restaurants and Taverns

Visitor of Novalja can enjoy in reach taste of various food and drink. You can enjoy local specialties at a family recipe, local wines and pleasant music but in pizza and pasta as well. The
most famous restaurants and taverns of Novalja are:

Restaurant Boškinac

The restaurant of Hotel Boškinac is known far and wide for its interpretation of traditional island cuisine, transformed in a creative, modern way. The restaurant respects the culinary
heritage of the island, with a wide selection of fish and lamb dishes, cheeses, prosciutto and other fresh, seasonal ingredients, with olive oil, herbs and honey. However, these ingredients are served in a special way, with a pronounced artistic approach.
Thanks to the creativity of our culinary team, the harmony of flavours and aromas create an unforgettable experience on the plate. Guests can enjoy dishes to order and creative tasting
“The simplicity that respects the perfection of the ingredients themselves, and the reinterpretation of tradition, though controlled in its creativity and playfulness, is the main
philosophy of our restaurant,” explained Boris Šuljić, who always aims to depict the wealth of the ingredients of the Pag region in a creative and ambitious context.
Creative cuisine is the reason why guests visit Pag even in the middle of the winter, and the restaurant is remembered as a place of unrepeatable experiences and memories.
With such an approach to cuisine, the best wines of the Boškinac cellar are offered, in addition to a large number of the most interesting Croatian and other wines. The restaurant is
open to hotel guests, and to all those wishing to try the wealth and originality of Mediterranean island cuisine that is in step with global culinary trends.
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Bistro Stari Kaštel

Stari Kaštel, where we strive to have each guest experience the taste of original Pag staples, cheese and lamb meat, prepared in a modern way and in unexpected combinations. These
and other, fish and meat, specialties enjoy in the very center of Novalja in the shade of century fort wall of gazing at the sea from the restaurant’s terrace. Prime local products, fresh and seasonal ingredients, unassuming service and especially our cooks’ imagination will provide a culinary experience to even the most demanding of guests.
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Restoran Barbati

How would you like to dine al fresco only a few steps from the Pag bay, while enjoying a light breeze, listening to the sounds of waves and looking at the clear blue Adriatic sea? We
thought you might love that! That is why we opened The Barbati Restaurant.
Explore our Croatian Mediterranean-continental cuisine and home made wines from our own vineyard located in the heart of Croatia.
Looking for some refreshment after swimming?
Strong espresso or creamy cappuccino in the morning, cold draught beer that will wait for you after you get out of the sea in the afternoon or a cocktail under the starry sky in the
evening… The Barbati Bar has all of that waiting for you.
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Restoran Antonio

Along the sea shore, not far from the main town square Loža on the Novalja waterfront, there has been a restaurant – pizzeria Antonio since 1991.
From the spacious terrace of the restaurant as well as from the hall itself there is a beautiful view of the bay of Novalja. The warm colors of the wooden furniture look pleasant in
the restaurant, and on the walls there are artistic photographs with various motifs of the island landscape.
The owner Danijel Ropuš gained experience in catering even before the opening of the family restaurant, and now he is constantly trying to raise the quality of service and atmosphere
in the space. Together with his wife Marina, he tries to valorize the traditional island cuisine in his diverse offer, which is based on Pag cheese, young Pag lamb and fish.
An integral part of the restaurant's offer is Italian cuisine dominated by a rich selection of pasta dishes. At the request of guests, smaller family celebrations are organized. The beautiful sunset and the quality and richly prepared delicacies of the sea and the island of Pag, in the Antonio restaurant, are often spiced with a good klapa song.
It entered the list of the top 100 restaurants in 2003, 2004 and 2006. From the rich offer we single out: Novalja brodet with polenta (main dish), a specialty of Dalmatian cuisine.

Restaurant Moby Dick

In a series of restaurants and Cafes, in the main street of Novalja, you cannot miss a family-owned restaurant with a long tradition – Moby Dick.
A large terrace offers the possibility to enjoy the sun, while the shade can be found in the interior of the restaurant, where the friendly staff offer a wide selection of food and drinks from
their regular offer.
In the first place there are local specialties like Pag cheese, Dalmatian smoked ham and local wines, then grilled dishes, meat and fish plates, fresh seafood, great selection of pastas and
risottos and an amazing offer of 33 kinds of Pizza baked in a wood-fired oven. In addition to it, you have a choice of several kinds of draft beers, a variety of domestic and foreign wines, spirits and cocktails.
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Konoba No5

Tavern No5 is a wonderful restaurant which is located in the center of Novalja, near the main square Loža. With its richly landscaped rustic decor, will not leave indifferent neither one
guest who confide us. Family and pleasant atmosphere ensures every guest pleasant company, to the waiters and the owners. Such an atmosphere conducive to further the sounds of traditional
music that still can be heard at the tavern No5.
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