Life on Mars: Pag Island Trail & Trekk

The landscape of Metajna canyon resembles planet Mars, with the exception of the soothing sea air which breezes through the site. The Challenger trail stretches through 23 km of marked trail and mountain routes. For those who want to be active, but not exceed their ability,
there's a 14-kilometre Active route which will also supply a solid dose of Serotonin. There's also a Light route for beginners. All races are starting at the Metajna riva, followed by an entertainment program at Novalja's Bazilika square in the evening.

One of the most beautiful trails in Croatia “Life on Mars” has been officially opened in 2019 for all visitors all year round. Follow the trails which lead through Metajna in Novalja to experience an unforgettable spiritual journey and discover the most beautiful beaches of the
island of Pag. Trekking League in cooperation with Continental and the Novalja Tourist Board has marked 4 trekking trails with a total length of 4 km. The cosmic beauty of Ručica, Beritnica, Slana and Seline beaches will take your breath away.

The name of the race – Life on Mars – is dedicated to the late David Bowie’s 1970s hit ‘Life on Mars’ because of the similarity the stoney island has with Mars or the moon and is used as marketing to attract competitors from around Europe to race in unique conditions.
The Tourist Board of Novalja and Pag have positioned the Pag Island Trail & Trekk – Life on Mars as a tourist product in the adventure tourism sector. The unique nature of the island makes it a special experience for competitors.


CHALLENGER: 23km – 650mD+: trail concept (the trail is marked and it leads through mountain and trail paths, from 7 th to 9 th km there is no path, but the area is passable.
ACTIVE: 14km – 350D+: trail concept (the trail is marked and it leads through mountain and trail paths):
LIGHT: 7km – 200mD+: trail concept (the trail is marked and it leads through mountain and trail paths)-


– Technical organization of the race and route marking
– Mountain Rescue Service
– Race map/guide
– Meal at the finish line
– Race number / running report card
– Finisher medals
– Refreshments at the finish line
– Life on Mars T-shirt
– Online application
– The crossing of the finish line and race times will be officially measured and recorded
– Photo and video material from the race
– Sponsors’ packages for the winners
– Medals and gift packages for the winners in all women’s and men’s categories
– Entertainment program (a concert and a DJ)


1. Participants must stay on course trails designated for their category. It is forbidden to go off-course and cut trail.
2. Participants compete at their own risk.
3. Participants must abide by the Trekking League Rules, Regulations and Terms.
4. All participants agree to all terms and conditions of hereto attached race regulations (application requirements, schedule etc.)
5. All participants must carry all mandatory gear listed.
6. Participants must wear their race number during the whole race, over their chest or belly.
7. Participants must abide by the traffic rules as some parts of the trail cross traffic roads.
Participants must use sidewalks and pedestrian crossings when available.
8. Participants must adhere to all instructions given by race officials at: registration, start line,finish line, check points, traffic road crossings and all other locations.
9. All participants who withdraw from the race must inform the organizer of their withdrawal via a text message (organizer’s number is written on the race number) with their race number, name
and surname.
10. Minors can participate only if accompanied by an adult and at the sole responsibility of their parents.
Any participant not complying with the above rules will be disqualified.
The Mountain Rescue Service and a medical service are on call for all emergencies.


Medals and gift packages from sponsors and partners for the first three places in all women’s and men’s categories.
Note: In the Light category, medals and gift packages will be given to the first three children under the age of 12 with the best results.


1.Race number, which must be worn on runners’ front, between their belly and chest.
2. Mobile phone (with fully charged battery, reachable at the phone number from your application!)
3. First aid kit (bandages, gauzes and plasters)
4. Enough fluids according to the category (there are no refreshment stations for any of the categories!)
Gear check
The organizer may check any participants’ gear, especially their mobile phone and first aid kit, at any time throughout the race.
For each gear item missing, the participants will be given 30 penalty minutes.

Note: The listed gear is not mandatory for the Light category.


Due to the difficult logistics of the terrain, there will be no refreshment stations for any category!
All participants must ensure they have enough water and food in accordance with the length of their route and adequately prepare themselves for hours-long outdoor stay. Runners in the Active
and Challenger categories will have spring water at their disposal after 8 and 18 km of race accordingly.

For more info and applications visit this link.